Connecting to your deeper self

The challenge I posed a few weeks ago, was to become real. To find the courage the show our true face to the world. Of course, to be able to do that, you first need to understand who that ‘real you’ is…

It may be that you have become so used to hiding that you hardly even remember who’s there under the masks. Or maybe you do, but there’s this feeling that, over time, the mask has become glued on, almost. High time then, to reconnect.

In preparation for this ritual, you may want to do the following, if it feels right. Make yourself beautiful. Not a conventional beautiful, but try to make your outside mirror the inside of your soul as much as possible – be colourful, weird, queer, whatever. Be You.


Ritual: Birth – being/allowing the self to speak

  • Enter into meditation. You find yourself at a lakeshore. Look into the water, and see your face staring back at you. Is this the face you want to share with the world?
  • Now, consider the following questions. How do you play a role when you are with
      • your friends
      • your parents
      • your brothers/sisters
      • other family
      • your colleagues at work
  • As you consider each case, visualize the mask you are wearing, then take it of. After taking of each mask, look into the mirror before you. How does your reflection change?
  • Finally, as you are done, admire your true self. Aren’t you beautiful? Unfortunately, we all know that bringing that person into the world can be quite the challenge. But you can start by listening, by giving that real you a voice.
  • Make sure you have a pen and notebook ready.
  • See how your true self stares back at you from the mirror that is the lake surface. Then, visualize stepping into the water, and immersing yourself into your mirror image. Feel how this has the effect of, just for this moment,  washing away all barriers and allowing this inner you to come to the front, and truly inhabit your body, without being pushed aside as we so often tend to do. See how, in this moment, your inner and outer self are in harmony.
  • Now, take your pen. Give your ‘real’ self permission to speak. Start writing. Do not censor anything, simply write down whichever words emerge. Continue with this exercise for at least five minutes (or more, if you feel inspiration flowing.)
  • When you feel the session needs to end, acknowledge that it is time to return to your regular life, but promise to return. Give thanks to your inner self.

Repeat this rite as often as you like.

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