Spring equinox: the Challenge of Birth

(The post below was obtained through automatic writing, and is a message from the goddess Isis. If you are unfamiliar/uncomfortable with the practice of challenging, I recommend having a look at this post.)

This post is a reflection on the time between seasons. There is plenty to say about the first moments of spring and the renewal it brings, but that is not what this post will be about. Instead, we will consider the moment when everything changes. That instance when a bud burst open and a flower starts to bloom. The moment of birth.

I would like you to close your eyes for a moment and see yourself standing in front of a doorway. You know that a rather different world lies at the other side of that doorway, and you also know that there is no returning from this journey. The moment you step through, that doorway will close behind you forever. And that can be a scary thought. Yet at the same time you also know that you cannot stay where you are now, that your time there must come to an end.

That jump requires a lot of trust. Will you be adequately prepared? Will there be someone over there to catch you when you fall? To welcome you in and explain to you what the rules of engagement are? What if you fail but have no safety net to fall back on?

It is a question which ever man and woman and child have been confronted with at least once. For each of us were born. Each of us has had to leave the safety of the womb behind and had to trust that there would be someone on the other side to catch them. Someone who would take care of them until they were strong enough to survive alone and in turn be that safety net for others.


I am not going to tell you that jumping is always safe. I am not going to tell you that you will always be caught. That would be foolish as it is not the reality of life. Some things are destined to fail. Sometimes we are underprepared. But…

The reason we fail is not so much because there is no help available or because we are not strong enough to make it, the reason is that all too often we are trying to live a life that we are not meant to live, or do not have the patient to time our jump and jump at the most opportune moment, when we can be certain that the chances of survival will be optimal.

This message comes from Isis. She is the great Mother. You will not find one who is more experienced than her in the process of giving birth. Today she has some advice to share with each of you. Listen to what she has to say, and allow yourself to be less fearful next time you stand before that gate and need to make that jump.

The first rule of the universe is that you are loved. You are all part of the web of connections that span this planet. You all have a reason for being here. It is simply up to you to become aware of that reason, and to dare to walk the road that will lead you to that destiny. This is a road that is available to all. And each person who walks the road of their true will, will find the whole of creation supporting them in that task. This is what the world wants to happen, and so when you take that road, suddenly you will see magic happen, and it will not be long before you realize that all you need to do is follow the signs that are put before you, and they will lead you along the optimal road to your destiny.

What I am not saying is that that road will necessarily be easy and plushy. That is not possible, for unfortunately there are a lot of life lessons that can only ever be learned the hard way, through suffering. This is not something you are supposed to like, but ask yourself this: one of the most beautiful emotions in life is compassion. An emotion which you are only ever able to feel when you can recognize the suffering in another persons life as being similar to your own. It is only because you have learned to find a way through for yourself, that you will develop the strength necessary to help another. And so a challenge can often be a gift in disguise.


There is also the fact that walking the path of destiny will force you to let go of any baggage you no longer need, so that you can focus on embracing the new road, and have space in your life to welcome in the people that you need as your allies. It is sometimes unavoidable for the gods to cut away the fat when the people we try to help do not have the strength of will to make the cuts themselves. The motivations for doing so will always be love though, and we will do what we can to make the pain as bearable as possible. But cutting is essential to the viability of the entire plant sometimes. This is a reality that you will have to accept.

Also, do not expect to live like a prince in a palace. We will ask you to do the work yourself. We will show the way, but ultimately you will have to be prepared to do the work or nothing will happen. If a parachute is not held by someone, it will be useless.

I hope I have not discouraged you too much. Birth is indeed not the most pleasant process, and it can take more than an instant. For many people it can take many a year, or may even be a process that spans multiple lifetimes.

But I promise you this. To those of you who have the courage yo head the call of destiny, together with the humility to accept good advice when it is offered, and a will to work hard to achieve your goals, we promise to be there to guide you. The world needs those who see that. You are needed. Now more than ever.

Signed by Isis, mother of Horus.

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