Being of service

This blog post will be about what it means to serve. I will begin by asking a few questions and then try to formulate an answer.

  • Why am I writing about this topic?
  • Who is this post intended for?
  • What do we serve?
  • What is in it for us, and does it matter to ask that question?

Let me begin at the beginning. What is it that drives me to write this post? The reason is that I am a druid. And that means that I try to be as aware as possible about my connection to the world around me, both human and non-human, and both this world and the otherworld. And it is an easy observation that the world only functions when we do not always put our own personal interest first, but rather think about how we can be of use to our communities. For it is far more important to have a good life as a group and as an ecosystem rather than focusing on what I would need to make my own life as comfortable as possible. For in the long run, I will have to admit that I am not an island, and my personal circumstances depend in a rather large part on the circumstances of the group, and of the environments that I am a member of.

And so I declare my love to that connection, and I am prepared to invest at least some of my energy to that project. That is what it means to serve. To give freely without expecting any direct returns, simply trusting that my gift will benefit someone in the future, and that that is all the reward I need to receive myself.


And that also makes it clear who this post is intended for. In essence, that would be everyone. And the strongest among you most of all. Those who barely manage to survive as it is should not be asked to give even more. But those who have strong shoulders and do not always know what to find as purpose for their lives, should perhaps look in this direction.

That brings me to the next question. What is it that we serve? It is not deity, but the web of life. It is those we love, and also those we do not love but still ate connected to. It is every being that stands in relationship to us. And it is everyone that calls for our help. For it is not possible to simply walk away and look the other side when our humanity is challenged in that way.

So what can we do, then? Simply, see what your talents are. See what is within your power to give. Then give it. This may take the shape of physical labour, or it could equally well take the form of creating art snd beauty, of creating platforms that others can use to find the way to the experience of love snd beauty within their own life.

And what is in it for us? Simple. If we improve the quality of the web and make it a better place to live, then the whole web benefits. That includes us. And that means that ultimately we have invested that energy in ourselves, in a way that is far more rewarding than simply trying to figure out what to do with our time and ending up doing nothing at all….

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