Beltane and the Grail Quest

The message below was channeled (see this post for more on what that means). The `real author’ is Mary Magdalen. In next week’s post I’ll try to say a bit more on how my relationship with her came to be, but as this message is so extremely relevant to the spirit of Beltane, I wanted to post it first.

This is a Beltane reflection on the grail story.

The grail is a mythical object that many people interpret in many different ways. Let us assume they are all correct and that each of them carries within it an essential part of truth that would be lost from the picture if it was not included.

For that is the nature of the grail. It is an idea. It is a seed, and it is not meant to be static. It is a question rather than an answer. It is the place where we connect to the mysteries and allow them to take us beyond the confines of our own limited minds and bodies.

And so an encounter with grail energies is fundamentally a sexual experience. It is a reminder that our bodies are part of a bigger body and our soul is part of a bigger soul. That journey towards understanding of that reality that begins whenever we look another being in the eye and have the courage to recognize them for who they really are, and to want to unite with them on the deepest possible level, yet without wanting to take away the uniqueness of who they are, but rather enrich the world and ourselves by connecting us to that, by making a link of souls that can never be disconnected again. That experience of being with another and being with them forever in this instant, that is the message and the challenge of the grail.


To not live for ourselves and our personal needs, but rather to extend that love and that connection to all, to have no boundaries to the love you are willing to give and receive.

Note that I include the word receive here. That is important. For receiving takes a lot of courage. It requires that we first recognize that need within ourselves, and are not afraid to ask for what we need. It also requires us to ask ourselves what it really is that we need, and what is but illusions that keep us from asking the right question. What will satisfy us, quench our thirst, and what will have us keep coming back for more, in a way that is not sustainable because it does not recognize the needs of others and is unable to give us the live and the healing we really seek.

That is what the grail asks each and every person to do with their lives. To ask the question. To discover what that question is, that current of passion that runs through them. It is your task in this world. It is your reason for being. Who are you? Who are you loving most? How can you be in service to that love? And how does that love serve you in return?

There is fundamentally only one answer to the pain and anguish in the world, and that is love. It is not a love that hurts us when we give, but rather the love that starts feeding our own soul the moment we give it away. It is the source that never grows depleted as long as we remember that we are meant to share it, and that will dry up the moment we attempt to keep our riches for ourself alone.

That is love. That is connection. This Beltane season, see how you can find that spark within your own soul, and let the fires ignite it so you become flame, and so that together we can be wildfires.

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