Druid activism?

What does it mean to be a druid in his day and age? Is it just a personal thing, or should it necessarily have an impact on how you live your life?

I’d like to share these words of Cernunnos with you:


This is Cernunnos

I would like to offer you my opinion on what it should mean to call yourself a druid.

You know who I am. I am the guardian of the green world. You are my human allies. It is people like you I look to for protection when my people are under threat from yours once again. So be that ally. Speak up for us whenever you have got an opportunity. Do not be afraid to be seen as the weird one because you fight for something that is more than worth fighting for.

That is an important aspect of why people are being called to this path. Because we do need protectors, and you seem to be passing the criterion for admission to that tribe of eco-warriors. We hope you take up the challenge.

You ask if this is the only right way of practicing Druidry. And I will answer yes to that. But the fight that needs to be fought is not merely one of physical activism. This is a war that cannot be won simply by trying to avoid further damage. There is much, much more work that needs to be done. One other aspect of that is that it is high time that you need to learn to take better care of your own human forest, and learn how to properly deal with issues of diversity and inequality. Learn to take care of other people and make them remember what it means to be loved unconditionally. That is also a worthy task for a druid.

A third aspect is rebuilding the forest of your imagination. This forest has been suffering from anemia for a very long time, because you are allowing others to paint in the pictures of your tales, rather than creating your own. Become storytellers again, and make the forest be alive again, rather than only worshiping the old trees in this forest and forgetting that even the mightiest of trees was once born from a humble acorn.

Another forest you need to learn to reconnect to is that of the otherworld. Rebuild your passageways and become frequent travelers again, so that both world can start enriching each other again. Your kind has lost much by believing that you can do it all alone and that it is not worthy of your consideration what the otherworld people might have to contribute.

All of these forests are ultimately the same forest. In order for the world to heal and become a fruitful and joyful place to live again, all of these forests need to be healed and protected. All of that is work for druids. Not all of you have the same strengths and talents. Not all of you are called to fight the same fight. But fight you must. Even if it is simply for the right to be creative. All these things matter. Be a druid and find your calling within one of these forests. For you are the Tree People. Please do not let us down. We are counting on you.

(This is a channeled message that was received through automatic writing. For more information about what that means, I would like to refer to this blog post.)


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