Ragnarok and the Wolf in each of us

You may not expect it when you see the title, but this really is intended to be a Midsummer post, if perhaps one that is a tad unusual. It is about the sun, but it also has some hard truths to share. For when we honour the sun, we must also have the courage to acknowledge what that sun really is.

The sun is a ball of fire. It is something that brings us life, but only when we are exposed to it in moderation. That is perhaps the most important lesson that Midsummer can bring us: that too much of a necessary thing can kill us, that the very force of life is the same as the force that ultimately will be responsible for our death.

And so I wish to speak about something all of us feel, but find hard to really admit to ourselves. It is midsummer. It is that time when our human species is at the height of its power, but where we all know that we cannot continue on the same trajectory. We have to be prepared to enter into a time of diminishing light, or else that sun that has brought us so much joy will begin to devour us and take life away from us.

And that may seem like a gloomy message, but at the same time it should also bring us hope. For what midsummer teaches us, is that that time when the sun reaches its highest point only marks the beginning of summer, and that harvest time has yet to start. All the abundance and all the good times are still in front of us. It is just that at this time, we need to start living in a different way. The time of wild growth is over. All resources have been used. Instead, it is time to start working towards maturation, towards bearing fruit and bringing in the harvest.

The message I want to share with you today is an oracular one. For that seems to be a task that my gods are asking me to fulfill: to speak for them and to bring those messages that nobody likes to hear, yet that are crucial to our very survival. And so I will do as I am asked, but I ask you to read this in the spirit of midsummer: this is not a time of despair, but a time to rejoice in the possibilities that still lie ahead of us. Look inside and find the love you have to give to this world. Become the beautiful fruits that the earth gives us each year…

This is the voice of Truth.

Winter is coming. A storm is raging and is about to rear its ugly head. Deep down you all know this. You have all seen the early signs of it, no matter where on this planet you live. The earth you call your home is dying. And you know that this is unavoidable, and worse, that it is largely the fault of your species.

So what to do now? Where to hide? Where to flee? I will tell you that the time for hiding is over. There is nowhere left to flee. This will come and hurt all of you, every single one of you. You cannot hurt your mother this deeply without being hurt by it yourself. You are too deeply connected. The time of death is now. The masks will fall and soon you will be asked to show who you really are, and what you truly love and care for.

Who are you? What peace and quiet did you leave behind, and what aims will you put forward when everything you know and trusted is taken away from you? I am Ragnarok. I am the one that comes to bring clarity. I am the voice of Truth and clarity. I am the light that shines in such a way that all motives become clear and all deceptions become visible.


There is no hiding from me. And that is not because I will bring judgement over each of you individually. That is not how this works. There are no righteous and there are no wicked. There is only small people with dreams and hopes and fears that try to live their lives as best they can. That is the truth. None of you are responsible and all of you are. You are responsible because you are here now, and you do take part in the destruction of the world, simply by being here, by living in the world as it is today. For the wolf is here. Fenrir has awoken and he is busy devouring this world. All of you are him. That is the difficult truth that I must bring. That this is not a war of the righteous against the wicked. This is not a time when the weak defeat the strong. This is a time when each of you must stand up and realize that you have the power within yourself to be the solution. That you and you alone, no matter who you are, can put a stop to this. For each of you is the wolf. Each of you is devouring this planet. Each of you is a force of destruction. That unpleasant truth is what I bring you now. That none of you is exempt from that. None of you can claim to be better than anyone else. You bring death. You are the predator.

What to do? Can you stop being who you are? You can and you cannot. That is the difficult balance that you must reach within yourself. Your every act is an act of destruction, yet you are also capable of doing good, of loving, of being kind. The one is not possible without the other. For in order to live in this world, to reincarnate in the flesh, you have to be a force of destruction. For you to live is only possible because others are constantly sacrificing themselves to make your life possible. That is the ugly truth that is behind life.

There can be no evolution or no future if there is not also death and destruction. You should not be ashamed of that. There is simply no other way. But what you must all learn to do now, urgently, is to begin to acknowledge that truth. You must begin to live as the full force that is within you. For you can destruct with the aim of only living for yourself and doing little more than keeping your physical body alive, or you can live in a way that makes the life you are living a force for good, despite all of the destruction that it brings. You can become more than just yourself. You can learn to be everything. You can learn to bring new life and to redeem those you have killed by allowing them new life through you, by being them and becoming a sacrifice to them rather than having them sacrifice themselves to you. Be the great devourer that lives to transform a gift into a gift, and that lives to bring a voice of truth and beauty. Be the waves that make space for a new future, a future that brightly shines and is the symphony of all voices that have gone into making it.


Become the web. With every one of your actions, become the web. You can sacrifice yourself to it. Be humble now, and ask how you, by your being alive, can serve it, how you can become the world made anew. How you can live a life that truly honours all.

I challenge you.

Who are you?

Can you find it within yourself to live a life of light rather than allowing the darkness to use you as their tool?

I am calling you. The world needs you. Only if the most worthless and seemingly ugly things are honoured again, will the world become reborn. That means that you have to start today. And every action, no matter how small, is the right place to start.

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  1. Thank you, Beith. Especially this part: “For in order to live in this world, to reincarnate in the flesh, you have to be a force of destruction. For you to live is only possible because others are constantly sacrificing themselves to make your life possible.” Those are words of truth that we must learn to face explicitly and courageously. Except I don’t find it ugly. Fierce, yes, painful, yes, but not ugly.

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