Life: a rather longish vision quest.

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Is there even one? Does it matter? And if there is a purpose, can we fail at it?

This message is not one I am writing myself. It is one sent to me by my gods. By a being that sits at the edge between darkness and light. One whose purpose it is to help souls prepare for their entry into physical existence. And she wishes to speak now. I suspect that she mostly does this so that I myself would hear it, but she asked me to share it because most likely I am not the only one who could benefit from it.


What do you think it is like to prepare for birth? Is it like preparing to go to work, or is it more like accepting to go on an extended vision quest, one where you know that part of your experiences are likely to be unpleasant, and there may well be some serious suffering involved. You may well think it is the first, but what I would like to explore here are the implications of the second possibility.

For it brings a notion of the meaning of incarnation that I find quite liberating. Because it means that we cannot really do it wrong, as long as we are honest about trying to make the best of it, and if we make listening and striving to become more wholly ourselves our main purpose. It also means that it is normal that life sometimes springs unexpected surprises on us. And that these were not chosen by us before birth. For if we already knew everything that was going to happen beforehand, what would be the point?

What it also means is that we are entitled to ask for assistance. For a vision quest is meant to serve primarily as a learning opportunity, and the learning comes about by being confronted with reality on a very visceral level. And anyone who has ever experienced a vision quest or any similar type of experience will agree that after a while one tends to realize what the true connection is that we have with the world around us. That we are not separate from it, and that it is by accepting that connection and actively leaning into it that we will stand to learn to most.

So, why not approach life that way? As an opportunity and a wonderful invitation to connect. See it as a gift. An adventure that your soul has allowed you to go on. See this planet as the place where we are sent to truly find out who we are. To truly discover the mystery that is love.

And no, there is no way you can fail at that. For there is no escaping experience. There is no way that you can run away from life forever, as you will no doubt have noticed that it has this annoying property of sneaking up on you and presenting you with unwanted and unexpected gifts. They are often diamonds that are not recognized until much later, perhaps even only after you have departed this plane. But that is the same for a vision quest within this world. It is the same, since the messages from such a quest often take some time to percolate as well, and the meaning of them only become apparent later. They always finish a vision quest with a debriefing for a reason, right?

So why not be fearless? Why not trust that the gift of learning will be given to you as soon as you turn around and declare to the universe that you are ready to receive its gift?

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