I am back…

I am back. For the regular readers of this blog, you may have noticed that things had gotten a bit quiet recently. I had not forgotten. I was just too busy with other writing projects, and with working my way through the final stages of the OBOD training program. A task that took me deeper within than I had anticipated.

But I made it to the finish line, and that means that from now on, my focus will be on blogging again. And so perhaps this time of celtic new year is a good moment to look forward towards the future, and reflect on what I wish to write about here, and what kind of topics I intend to explore.

That is, insofar that these choices are really made by me. For I intend to rely quite a bit on the input my guides are providing, since it has been my experience that they are often far better than me in pointing me in the right directions, and telling me where to find the gems and the secret pathways that I would probably never have noticed had it been just me.


Still, I can tell you some things I would like to explore further.

The first is my relationship with trees, and the amazing wisdom they have to share with us. They are my most important teachers, and I would love to have the privilege to share some of that with you. I will begin this in this very post, by allowing birch to have the final word after I have set out my personal intentions.

A second topic is my relation to my gods, and what they are telling me to do and explore. I am doing this partly because this is quite simply where my inspiration comes from, but also for those of you who, like me, are relatively new to this and are still on a trajectory of figuring out what the hell this all means. For while I may have a ‘druid diploma’ now, the curse of learning is that the more time you spend on it, the more you become aware of all the many things you do not know. And so let us explore together. I will share with you both the good times and the bad times, the moments of utter ecstasy and deep inspiration as well as those times that I could strangle my gods, those times when never ever hearing from them again sounds like a desirable option, because ‘stop meddling with my life so much, hell!’

And then there is the subject of magic, at which I am an absolute beginner. But it feels like now is the time to begin learning. So read on if you want a good love with a druids stumbling attempts at magic.

This, and wherever inspiration takes me, will be the main topics in the near future, as well as the obvious posts exploring modern druid practice.

And so now, as promised, let us hear what my alter ego birch has to say about that…

This is birch

I am the challenger. The one that will push you into the limelight so that you have a chance to shine. I will show you the way out of the shadows, and the path towards your souls deeper awakening. But that path can only be walked in trust and love. And so this is where the forest will always be your companion…

Hmmm… what to make of that? Probably that I better get back to my regular writing schedule now that I am running out of excuses to procrastinate!!

See you next week…


  1. Nice to see you back Wanderer. Yes, the OBOD work does take alot of focus. There are so many books on my shelves just wanting to be read! And yet I know when I finally get to the end of Druid grade I’ll want to go back and look at the Bardic stuff again…ho hum.
    Interesting, I have never thought of Birch as a challenger, that would be Holly for me. How do you feel about being pushed into the limelight I wonder?

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    • I’ve found birch to be a tree that really has two faces… It seems to be about helping us to find the way towards walking our soul path, so going from stumbling around in darkness towards bringing out the light that shines within. But she can either do that gently, as with the OBOD bardic grade, or she can act more as a Tower-like figure, forcing you into the light by burning down the illusions behind which you used to shelter.


  2. Welcome back! Have you finished all 3 OBOD grades? I’m re-starting my Bardic grade again after a few years of absence, and looking forward to the journey!


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