The magical language of synchronicity

It is a thing you find in every new age book, the assertion that the universe strives to make you happy, and that we all have the power to create our own reality, and that magic is a tool that is there to help us do just that.

Let me tell you that these statements are absolute rubbish, and that at the same time they are completely true. They are rubbish, because it is not true at all that the world will do everything to make you rich and pamper you, and give in to every superficial whim you may entertain, as some gurus might have you believe. Anyone who makes such claims is only out to serve their own interest, and is not actually trying to help anyone.

On the other hand, the claims are absolutely true if you think about what will bring you true happiness. If you want to follow the path that your soul craves, then yes it is true that the moment you make that commitment, you will find that the world around you reacts to that, and, if you are really serious about that, will do all that is possible to help you achieve that. And more often than not, the first stages of that journey are rather unpleasant. Because it may mean having to lose the safety of our cushy prison cell, and coming to the realization that the world is a completely different kind of place than we thought it was.


And that can easily scare us off. Why go to the trouble of going on that journey, when you have no real idea where it will lead, and whether it will really be an improvement compared to the shore you are leaving behind? And if you decide to take the jump, how can you be certain that you stay on course, and are not getting hopelessly lost along the way? The answer is synchronicity.

Think about it as a kind of confirmation that you are still on the right path, and that the outside world is really trying to push you forward. That song that played on the radio right when you needed to hear it? The unexpected meeting that was the final bit of encouragement you needed to make a jump into the unknown? The unexpected windfall of a winning lottery ticket that earns you just enough money to be able to finance the next step on your journey? These are not coincidences. These are the universe helping you achieve your soul journey.

On the other hand… the wave upon wave of frustration and failure every time you try to achieve a certain kind of thing? The universe trying to tell you that that way leads into soul-unhappiness. And remember that happiness is not the same as financial security. Rather, these ‘failures’ may well be about preventing you from spending your life working yourself to death in a lucrative business job when really you should have been much happier as a wandering storyteller, and would have been able to make a real contribution to the world by authoring that story people will still remember ten generations from now. That too, is synchronicity at work, frustrating as it might be.

And so if a person seems to be extremely unlucky in life, maybe the reason is simply that they are running away from something, and the universe has exhausted all other options at trying to get their attention. In that case, there is probably little you can do for them but being kind, buying them a coffee and asking them about their dreams. The ones they have at night, not the ones the world tries to force on them.

And let’s be honest about it, most of us are ‘that person’ at least occasionally. To claim that you have never felt afraid and lost the plot probably means that either you are lying to yourself, or you have not even begun to wonder about what your life might be like if you really started living it for what it is worth. It is a difficult path to follow, being true to yourself…


  1. Well, this post is itself a piece of synchronicity for me, which together with various divination readings has made me think it’s time for me to do the Big Thing I’ve been putting off out of fear. Thank you!

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    • That sounds sooo very familiar… Knowing very well what the universe wants you to do, but trying to ignore it as hard as you can because listening to it means doing the thing you know is right but scares the hell out of you. Good luck!

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  2. This is good! I feel like I tried to explain this to two naive people not too long ago, lol… You will attract what you need, not what you want… And if what you want is aligned with what the universe wants, great! Otherwise… No, you’re not likely to win the lottery through the Law of Attraction. 🙄

    On Fri, Nov 22, 2019, 5:17 AM Wandering the woods wrote:

    > Beith posted: “It is a thing you find in every new age book, the assertion > that the universe strives to make you happy, and that we all have the power > to create our own reality, and that magic is a tool that is there to help > us do just that. Let me tell you that these s” >

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  3. Thankyou Beith, this really resonates with me, and where I am in my path now. Very encouraging – and also helpful in understanding why I need to let go of some dreams and pursue others.


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