When the universe calls out to you.

It is another one of those words that are overused in the way we use them in daily life. The word calling. It is now ok to say that it was your life calling to become an accountant. You may well feel that way. But I doubt that if this is you, you have ever lain awake at night wondering and worrying about why it is that the world around you just doesn’t seem to want to stop sending all kinds of hints and signs your way. Like… almost as if it is trying to have a conversation.

And if you try to ignore it, these subtle hints will sometimes become like neon-letters, until finally there comes a point when you just cannot take it anymore, and you decide to shout back: Ok, I give up. What the hell do you want from me?


And that is the moment that on your deathbed you may well remember as the moment when everything changed for you. The moment when you began to realize that you could either live in sync with the world around you or try to continue fighting windmills.

Let me add that it is not always fighting windmills that may seem to be the most foolish option at first. For what to do when you live in a world where fighting windmills is considered to be the most honourable option, where that is seen as the best way to live a meaningful life? What do you do when all your common sense tells you to go for that option, while at the same time your gut feeling clearly continues to tell you that something is off, that somehow this is not where you are supposed to be heading?

What to do? How to know what is right? How to know whether this is even really happening and not just you making a big fool of yourself? How…

It may not have occurred to you that talking to the universe, the gods, your guides,.. is far from a one-way street. It is supposed to be a conversation. But that can only start to happen once you consent to listening in the first place, and then accept for yourself that it IS someone trying to tell you something. It is only then that you can start asking questions back. And you should.

The law of the universe is that every incarnated being has free will. You are given this life, and you are totally free to decide what you are going to do with it. And it is your fullest right to continue to ignore the calls you receive for the rest of your life. It is a valid choice, and there will not be anyone waiting for you in the afterlife to blame you for that. It is you who have the full right to spend your lifetime the way you want.

But what you need to take into account as well is that the world is more complex than you know. And that there are many forces that are at work within it. Some of these might be generating wavefronts and putting up walls that are hard to cross, no matter how free you are to try. And that is where a lot of seemingly bad luck originates. With people ignoring these underlying currents of reality and trying to do things that are almost impossible, because of invisible esoteric barriers.

And that is why you may want to start paying attention to the whispers of the universe. They are generally well-intended, and will help you become more aware of the underlying current. Some people would call this practicing magic. But really, all it is is deciding to begin an ongoing conversation with the world around you. It may help you see where shortcuts can be taken, and what is the most opportune timing to get something done. It may be the beginning of a symphony, the moment you decide to become attuned to the inner harmonies, rather than playing dissonant.

(This is a channeled message that I received from Freya)


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