Recovering our innocence.

The world we live in is a very complicated place. It seems almost as if you need to wear armor and a face mask to survive in it. It seems that the way to survive is to hone your acting skills as best you can and then pretend that you know how to play the game. At least, that’s what you and I are being told all the time. It is called authenticity but actually it is the greatest lie there is.

For authentic seems to imply being successful at every single thing you do, and just happening to know the answer to every single question. It is like pretending that you are not pretending.


What if being honest means admitting that you are scared of making mistakes all the bloody time? Scared that people are going to notice that that smile was a fake one, and you are really just barely holding on to sanity? What if being honest means admitting that most of the time you would rather stay in bed and fuck to the outside world? What if being honest would mean crying during that job interview because you fucking bloody need the money so badly that you really cannot afford to fail, and your nerves just gave out on you?

We all have moments like this. Times when we would rather not be forced to play the game called life. Times when it is all just too much.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

What if we would all simply start to admit that? What if it would be an accepted fact that sometimes you will fail no matter how hard you try? What if that would be ok? And you would be given a handkerchief to wipe the tears away, and a nice big hug of encouragement, rather than being faced with people acting nervous because the truth makes them uncomfortable? What if it was ok to fail?

You were a child once. You were allowed to play once. At that time nobody would blame you for making a mess of things, because that just happens to be what children do.


But then suddenly someone drew a line in the sand. Past this point you are supposed to be an adult. Past this point you are supposed to succeed at life. No more mistakes allowed. And that is when many of us started to fail. Because they just were not ready yet. And now it was too late. And nobody had given them advance warning.

What if we would stop doing this to people? What if we would start to accept that ‘being a grown-up’ is something we have to learn, and that all of us have different learning-speeds and styles? What if we made the barrier into something that you can decide to cross when you feel ready, rather than when those around you tell you you are supposed to be ready?

And maybe some people decide to never cross that line at all. And maybe that is ok. Let them be the truth-speakers. The canaries in the gold-mine. The ones that can warn us when we are beginning to drown in our collective bullshit.

For they are needed. In a time of climate change and extinction they are the ones to tell us that there is no more time for business as usual. That somewhere along the road the rules have changed. But it takes the eyes of a child to see that.

And so let us honour those in our society that are struggling, those that seem to be unable to cope with life. The weak ones. The young ones. The foolish ones. They are our treasures. For they can help us see the way forward, as they are the only ones who are not blinded by the burdens of the past.

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