Announcing: seeds of revolution

How do you create a better world? How do you start being part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

Most of us do not consider themselves particularly heroic, but are people who would love to feel that they are contributing to something positive, rather than having that feeling of despair and hopelesness.


Maybe the good news is that you do not have to be an extravert and a barricades-person to be a revolutionary. Because that is not where the big change is achieved. For remember that even the biggest trees originated from a tiny seed.

The point is that that seed needs to fall in fertile ground. There it can start growing roots, and bide its time. Until suddenly the forest shakes because one of the older trees is dying, signaling that soon there will be room for a new tree to grow to replace it. The race can then begin, and the one who is most likely to win is the sapling that has spent its time quietly building an extended root system, so that now that the opportunity is there, it is able to use that and to outcompete the other saplings.

That is how a revolution can be successful. By taking time in darkness first. For if you go out right away and start demanding the old trees make room for you, you will be out of breath by the time that room is made for you, or you have fought to obtain it. Many a revolution was fought that way, and they all seem to have in common that the new starts looking disturbingly like the old. Because it ran out of support too quickly.

I want to suggest that we can make the next revolution a different one. One that is sustainable. One that brings the change that is really needed. One that is rooted in the beauty of mother earth. And one that is based on love.


And the seeds of it are all of us. And you do not need to be a hero to join. Simply join the movement, and begin to help it grow. That starts in your own heart. That starts with nothing but awareness. With a promise that the world our children and grandchildren live in will be one of beauty. And that we are the ones who will create that beauty, and turn our backs on the coldness of the past.

Let us be seeds.

I would suggest, if you wish to join me, that you share this post in your own group or your own page. Make it known that you intend to make a difference. Then make it real by performing this simple act of magic:

Go outside. Find a patch of dirt, and grab a few bits of it. Hold it up to your heart and say:

I pledge to live a more loving life.

I pledge to be a seed of the future.

I pledge to be a revolutionary.

Then, let us meet again next week and start exploring how to be that seed…


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