Aspects of astrology: the lenses through which we see the world

This post will be an exploration of how astrology affects the way we interact with the world around us. They say that the stars affect our character, but if this is the case, then it must also be possible to find out what are the underlying mechanisms, or to observe objective differences in how people perceive the world around them.

So let us try to do astrology that way. Not see it as dictating our psychology, but as affecting our perception, and see how it could simplify our understanding. Let us begin with the sun. We will deal with other aspects later.


The descriptions below are based on a series of meditations that I did where I asked to be shown how each sun sign perceives the world around them. And you will find that it actually fits quite well with classical descriptions. The bonus is that it may make it easier for you to relate to members of each ‘tribe’, as it gives you some literal insight in how they see the world…

  • Aries sun: Most of the scenery is rather dim, expect for a single thing that shines as brightly as the sun, with aries just having to run towards it, attracted to the shiny thing in an almost OCD-like way.. until another thing begins to shine, inducing a different chase, then another, then another, and so on.

  • Taurus sun: You are utterly relaxed, lying on your back, enjoying the sun, looking at the world passing by. Life is good, so why would you bother changing anything about it? The future can wait until tomorrow.
  • Gemini Sun: A child looks at a word full of shiny things to explore. And so it grabs one, plays with it for a bit, then feels the strong need to share their exitement with the world around them. Unfortunately, sometimes they run into an adult who is not quite as exited as they are, and can’t seem to understand why the thing they are trying to share with them is ‘the most amazing thing in the world’, and how can you not see that? Luckily that disappointment never lasts long, for… gotta go exploring! (And look, the sun’s shining, are you coming with me?) 

  • Cancer Sun: Looking through the kitchen window, the setting sun looks nice and peaceful. Time for everyone to start coming in, so that you can begin mothering them. Why bother going outside yourself? It is nice and cosy here. Better to meet the world here on your home turf, rather than going out where unexpected things might happen, and you do not have the advantage of knowing the way even with your eyes closed.
  • Leo Sun: You are the natural centre of the universe, and the measure of all things. You take great pride in whatever you do, and you will make sure that everyone around you has seen it. If others don’t pay attention to something you do, then it’s probably not worth doing. The world is your stage.
  • Virgo sun: The entire scene is shown in full clarity, with loads of details everywhere. No matter where you look, you will see a thing that needs doing, as well as a fully written out map of how best to do it to achieve perfect results. Eek! So much that needs doing!
  • Libra Sun: Nothing is highlighted.. until you decide to turn your attention to a specific thing. Then, suddenly, a dozen other things get highlighted as well. And you become aware of the potential of each of them. And this happens every single time. There’s no paths marked out, but take one step in a specific direction, and suddenly your attention is drawn to all the other paths you are not taking, and you feel torn because of the acute sense of all the beauty you might be missing out on by not going some other direction. 

  • Scorpio Sun: It’s a bright and sunny day, but what is highlighted are actually the shadows, which are very dark, resulting in a world where’s there’s very little ‘grey’, but instead there’s a very strong divide between light and dark, and the bit you feel drawn to consequently are the dark bits. You very acutely feel every bit of suffering around you. You try to look up to the sun and the blue sky, but it is hard to stay focused on it for more than an instant, before your attention is drawn to the shadows again.

  • Sagittarius Sun: The world is mostly dark, but scattered everywhere are bright seeds of potential, and looking at them brings the awareness of the beautiful trees they could become. And so there’s the overwhelmingly strong desire to plant them, to nurture them, and to have the satisfaction of seeing them grow strong. The mother instinct is strong in this one….

  • Capricorn Sun: Again, most of the scenery is dim, and I found all of my focus drawn to a bit of grass growing at my feet, with the thought of ‘must now eat this bit of grass first’. The world will wait for me until after I’ve done that, so why worry? After that, move to next stone, and look for grass again.

  • Aquarius Sun: You are special and you know it. Excentric and proud of it. You are most interested in activities that set you apart as the extra-ordinary being that you are. Why bother with normal? That is what the rest of the world is like. That is just boring as hell, so thank the gods you are not like that!
  • Pisces Sun: People are made of glass, so that you can see right through their facade, into the inner workings of their soul. And so what you hear when they speak to you is not what they actually say, but what is going on in their mind, the underlying reasons for saying the things they say. At the same time, when walking around in the world, a lot of surfaces act like mirrors, and so what you see when looking at them is not what is really there, but a reflection of your own soul. 

Please, let me know what you think! Does this resonate with you? Any observations you would like to add?


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