Aspects of Astrology: where does the moon find comfort?

This week we will have a closer look at the moon. Unlike the sun, she governs the more hidden aspects of our psyche. The way we react to emotional stimuli, and what makes us feel at home somewhere. You might wonder how the moon could possibly have an effect on this. Let me try to clarify a bit.

The moon is the closest satellite of earth. It is obvious that it affects the planet as a whole, just think of the tides. But what does that have to do with us? Do not forget that we are matter, and that subtle laws of attraction play a strong role in our emotional life. How many times this week did you mention that you felt drawn or attracted towards something, or repulsed by it? And how would it feel if these things were pulled away from you by an outside force? Do you think that might make a difference?

Another way of thinking about it is that the moon illuminates what would otherwise have been able to hide in the darkness of the night. It draws our attention in ways that are more subtle than the sun, but towards things that are also more subtle than our material needs, and so even this weaker light can sometimes feel blindingly strong.

These are metaphors, not truths, is what I hear you think. That may be so, but on the other hand, metaphor is how our subconscious operates. It uses images to express itself, and so anything that could affect this imagery could affect the way you feel about things.

The best way to understand the moon in your horoscope is by looking at the sign that is ruled by it, cancer. That sign has a deep yearning to feel at home, and tries to live its life without ever leaving that place. That search for home is what the moon fuels within all of us. And so it would be best to try to understand what home looks like for someone with a particular moon sign, if you wish to understand how their emotional side functions.


And so, let us have a look: where does each sign have its natural home base?

Aries Moon: at the very top of the most dangerous construction in the playground. There is no place that is safe from your sense of adventure. You constantly want to affirm that you are alive, and what better place to do that than by seeking up the danger zone? The world is at your feet, and you feel on top of the world.

Taurus Moon: a hammock on a tropical beach, sipping a cocktail. Your preferred season is holiday season, where you can leave the chores of everyday life behind you for a while. You prefer to relax and enjoy the actual world as it is now, rather than planning and scheming to change anything about it.

Gemini Moon: a street fair. You love to explore and see new things, and share your findings with others, so what better place to be than this? Not only is there loads to see, there’s also loads of interesting people to talk to, people who are actually just as enthusiastic as you about their cause. Finally, you can talk all day about the best way to go about doing that very specific thing, only to then turn around, bump into another friend and have another equally entertaining conversation.

Cancer Moon: a heavily fortified castle. On your home turf, you want absolute control over who you will give access to your private feelings. Usually, either they will find you a complete enigma, or they will have to hear everything about you, up until the most ugly embarrassments. Once you feel safe, everything is possible.

Leo Moon: a stage. You feel at ease because you know you are not alone in playing a role. Seriousness is only expected in as far as it fits the situation. If the situation requires it, you will make sure to act accordingly, but it feels good for you to know that nobody is ever going to ask you about the reality beyond the mask. But you are a good actor, so as long as the situation is somewhat standard, you should have little trouble to keep up appearances.

Virgo Moon: a tool shed. What gives you self-confidence is knowing that you will be able to handle any situation, in exactly the way you had planned it out in advance. You like the fact that accuracy and precision can be achieved in everything you do. Others are welcome only if they can first tell you exactly how they plan to do something, and it makes you nervous if they do not stick to that indefinitely.

Libra Moon: a bar. You do not have to worry about making decisions as every choice can be obtained instantly. On top of that, this is the crossroads of social activity, which is a place where you like to find yourself. The place of the party where the clean-up afterwards is not yours to worry about.

Scorpio Moon: a haunted castle in a dark forest in the middle of the night. You feel most at home in circumstances that other people would find utterly spooky. Where others are mostly scared away by the supernatural, you find its presence rather comforting.

Sagittarius Moon: the sandpit in the playground. A place that is malleable and small enough to be under your complete control, where any vision can be achieved by you alone without having to ask for outside assistance. Or, it’s fine if the neighbourhood kids want to play as well, but only in as far as they are happy following your directions

Capricorn Moon: a mountaintop. You like the silence and the fact that things around here are pretty straightforward: simply make sure you manage to find enough food, and everything else will sort itself out as well. From this high vantage point, all pathways are clearly visible, so while you digest your meal, you will have plenty of time to figure out your next step. The one thing you cannot stand is being rushed.

Aquarius Moon: a castle in the clouds. You like a detached perspective, a place where you can observe what happens down on planet humanity, but in such a way that you can pick and choose the activities you want to participate in.

Pisces Moon: the ocean. Everything is translucent here, so it is impossible for others to hide their true nature from you. Dishonesty is something that you find very hard to understand, and hence you feel most at home at a place where you do not need to worry about the real motives of people.

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