The earth spirit and human society.

This post is a New Year’s message from Isis…

In a far and distant past, the earth and humanity were closely connected neighbours. The things humans did, while not so different from what they do today, did have relatively little impact, because the number of people was limited, and so the amount of damage you could inflict was acceptable, as things would be able to repair themselves afterwards.

And, being a mother to all, the earth did not mind being used by you. That was, after all, why she was here: to give of herself so that plants and animals would be able to thrive. And so she loved you, and was happy to see your kind thrive.

But things are different now. It is no longer fair how much humanity takes for themselves without compensation. Also, you are no longer restricting yourself to taking only what you need for survival, but some of you are actively raping the earth to make her satisfy your greed. And all of you join in with the act by continuing to amass more and more things you do not actually need. Moreover, you completely forget to be grateful for all that you have been given.

Imagine what all of this looks like from the point of view of the earth. It makes her sadder than you can imagine.  At times it makes her angry. Much of the time, she is actually beyond caring. You have reduced her to a shadow of who she once was.


Why am I telling you this? It should not be necessary for me to say these things. Just look out of the window and tell me what you see. Why are you not crying more?

But then maybe you are. After all, you are her, and so her thoughts and feelings are yours as well. You have an intimate connection to her that is stronger than you realize. Deep down in your subconscious, she is influencing your feelings and emotions. And you have to share them whether you want to or not. Because you are part of her. And her feelings are your own.

And so if many people are angry or depressed these days, then you need to look no further for an explanation. By killing the earth, you are killing yourself. That is what your body tries to tell you every moment of every day. The only way to heal that is by beginning to pay attention to the bigger picture. What ails her is what ails you.

In the coming year, try to think of that. If you need to restore hope within yourself, then the best way to do that is to go out and literally plant hope. Plant a tree. Clear the rubbish from the fields. Have compassion. Love. If you teach yourself to act from a place of love more often, you will begin to be more in touch with your deeper self. You will begin to be more in touch with the earth mother. And through your love, she too will manage to start finding hope again. And then maybe that can be the start of something beautiful…

Happy New Year.

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