A call to take responsibility

I received this message when meditating with the spirit of the forests of Australia. Please do not be deaf to their call. Add your tears to mine, then remember that none of us are powerless. Things are only going to change if we begin to genuinely believe that we can change the world, and that it is our responsibility to do so. For else what are we going to tell our children? 

This is the forest of Australia 

We are dying. We have been placed under such great strain that we will be unable to recuperate from the fires. They will destroy the spirit of who we were. This continents face will change from now on, as a large part of its living spirit is no more.

Our only hope at this point is that it may have served a purpose. That our death may have been the beacon that finally made humanity realize that they can no longer continue as they are right now, or else there will come a day when the entire planet will be on fire or under water.

I have this to say to your kind. 

Remember your soul. Remember your capacity to love. Remember that you have so much to give once you decide to be your true self rather than a slave from consumerism and greed.

Remember your love for beauty. Remember that. Why it is that you continue destroying everything around you? Why is it that you show so little appreciation for other beings? Why???

We do not understand. We fail to see what has brought the world to this tipping point. Every time one of your kind has made the effort to speak to us, we have encountered a kind and beautiful, if often tormented soul. And so we know that you do have it in you to turn things around and start walking the path of love rather than the path of ignorance, denial and greed.

You are better than this. Why don’t you remember the children you once were, who would look up in wonder at the world you were born into? 

Become those children again. Remember who your real friends are.

And that is when we will return. The day when your kind can honestly tell us that you have changed. The day when it is no longer greed that runs your economy, but genuine care and love for all.

It is that simple. I hope your grief for our death will have served the purpose of helping you remember who you really are. You are supposed to be incarnations of love.



  1. A friend of mine shared a similar message from Australia on Instagram and I urged her to send it to the Anima Monday blog.

    Thank you for transmitting this important message. What’s happening in Australia and the Amazon and all the other places that are on fire, or have been on fire, is terrifying and heartbreaking.

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