Seeds of Revolution: Fear of Change

It happens to most of us at some point in our life. We are not happy with our life circumstances, or the situation in the world, yet we do nothing. Because we are paralyzed by fear. What will be the consequences if we act?  We may hate our current job, but at least it brings bread on the table. And maybe we are unhappy in our relationship, but what will happen if we leave? Will the children hate you for it? And so on.

It is this fear that is the reason the world is in its current state. Because we are not only afraid as individuals, but as a society. It has always been this way. This is the world we know. And yes there is a lot of injustice, but it is an injustice we are familiar with. And it takes less courage to look away than to stand up against it.

I am not going to tell you to just suck it up and be brave, as that would make me a hypocrite. I am just as scared as anyone else. Probably more so. And so I will not ask other people to do what I cannot manage myself. For this revolution is only going to work if it reaches critical mass. And therefore it is not productive to ask people to be superhuman.


What do you do when you need to go somewhere but your car broke down? You try to find another way of transport. Maybe a friends can drive you there, or there’s a bus going that direction.

The same way we can begin to deal with our fears. Make a list. What is stopping you from making progress on your personal revolution? What are you afraid to do, or afraid that might happen to you as a consequence of your actions? Why is that?

Be honest to yourself, and distinguish laziness from real fear. Laziness means you just need to spend some more time on reaching your goals. But be aware that you may well be lazy because it is something you can hide behind. It can be a strategy to help you avoid looking your fear in the eye. So look behind every one of your internal obstructions and find the fear hidden behind them.

Rank them. From a fear that you know is completely irrational, to a fear that is actually very reasonable. 

Accept them. All of them. They are parts of you that are trying to keep you safe. It is not a bad thing to be afraid sometimes, as it is a safety mechanism that prevents us from doing things we might regret later. So begin by saying thanks to them. Have a conversation with them and ask each of them to help you understand what they are trying to protect you from. For this you can use shamanic techniques or divination, whatever works best for you.

Ask your fears if they would be willing to lose their grip on you if you could convince them you have a more productive way to achieve the same goal. Allow them time. Then, begin a ritual process of discovery.

If you want to try it, then do the following:

For the coming weeks, you will spend a bit of time in silent meditation every day. This is a time for you to listen for inspiration, to open yourself to ways to escape the power these have over you. Agree to step out of your usual sandboxes and to be open to alternative paths or ways of looking at things. Also pay attention to signs you might receive during the day.

Give this time. Allow your walls of resistance to crumble at their own pace. Accept it if certain fears are just too strong for you to break. That is possible, and not something to be ashamed of, as some fears may actually be well-founded, and the foolishness may lie in trying to get rid of them. Others may have their roots in trauma, astrology, or past-life experiences. Do not force a rhythm on yourself that you cannot follow. This journey of revolution is going to take you a lot of time to walk. Allow yourself that time, as that is the only way to make inner changes sustainable long-term.

As you have done this work for a time, return to examine your life goals. Have they changed? Have pathways started to open that used to be hidden behind fear?

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