Why flowers die

(This is a channeled message that Cernunnos asked me to post today.)

It is a mistake to try to preserve beauty for eternity. For it does cause the flow of life to get stuck. It was never intended for everything to remain the same forever. That way there would no longer be a chance for anything new to grow, or any new discoveries or creations to be made.

Yet that is precisely what humans do. Instead of living in the now, and taking the effort to die a little bit when they encounter a thing of beauty, they try to preserve it and safe it for later. There are a number of very dangerous consequences to this, that I would like to discuss in this post.


Beautiful things are things that belong within a certain context. They attain their greatest meaning in that moment, and for those who experience them later, what they will see is a kind of exquisite memory, a cast-off of a moment that has passed.

You have to live in the now to receive the ecstasy of beauty. You have to become connected with the object of beauty with more than just your eyes in order to understand it. You have to live it.

You cannot understand the culmination point of a journey that is not your own. You cannot. If you have not lived through the moments of suffering and doubt and exhaustion, how can you possibly taste the full satisfaction of the mountaintop? It was not your journey, and so you can only guess, based on your own experiences. You hear the tales of another, but all you really can do to try to understand is to fill them with memories of your own.

And so here is where to look for real beauty. It is not something money will buy you. It is not something a museum can help you find. For real beauty is already present within each of you. All you need to do is dare to live towards it, in order to find the thing that completes you. It is a journey you alone can make, and an ecstasy that you alone can achieve.

Instead, you fill your homes with memories that are not yours, and, these days, all too often are not even real. Or would you consider that painting created by a machine and multiplied a billion times to be real? It is just a screen intended to hide emptiness, and to help you forget about the dreams you are not dreaming.

Flowers have an expiration date. They are beautiful for only a short time, just long enough for the bees to find them. For the bee is what the plant was hoping for. Not because their dream is bees, but because their dream is to share the best of themselves with another being in order to create a future. And once that has happened, they are no longer needed, as the real miracle is now the seed. And in turn, that seed only needs to exist until it has brought forth its own miracle: new life, and an opportunity for another flower to become even more beautiful than the previous one.

I want you to remember this. It is important. A flower represents the effort of a plant to create a future world. It takes a lot from the plant to create that flower. Many plants even die shortly after having flowered. It is partly that sacrifice that makes a flower so beautiful, and causes us to love them so much. But it needs another to receive the gift. If the bee is not there to harvest, what purpose was there for the plant to exhaust itself in such a way?

You are living on a dying planet. One that is currently using up all its energy to create the ideal circumstances for your kind to thrive. Yet you do not even bother to say thank you. Far more importantly, you do not seem to understand the uniqueness of the gift that is given to you, taking it for granted because you are convinced you have all of eternity to enjoy it.

Be the bee. Please. Honour our sacrifice. Make seeds that will allow the future to become even more beautiful, even after this flowering has faded and is nothing but a distant memory. For fade it will. And sooner than you think. Do not squander it.


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