A magical working for spring

Have you considered that we are currently on the verge of a new era? That we are living through an event that has the potential to forever change the world we live in? 

At the same time, with everything that is happening, it can be hard to focus on anything positive. And so I would like to invite you to do magic with us.

We will be hosting a magical ritual online. It will take two weeks, starting at the next new moon next Tuesday, and finishing when the moon is full. For detailed instructions, please see the facebook page for this event.


Why are we doing this? Because we believe that this can be a time of profound change for humanity, and it must not be wasted. But most of us have little experience with revolutions, and even less confidence in our own ability to be part of it. And so we want to support you in finding your strength. Whether that means learning who you really are, simply being able to walk towards the future with a bit more confidence, or discovering the beauty within.

The moon will be our guide. And so let me share with you this message that she sent me a few days ago regarding this:

This is the moon

I am the one who is tasked with cyclicity. I am the internal clock that rules life on your planet. You find my influence in the ebbing and flowing of the tides, and in the internal cycles of every plant and animal. Many of your kind have forgotten, but your body has not. Your body knows much that you no longer remember.

And so in this time of turmoil, I invite you to take a journey. A journey of reconnection. One that will bring you back in sync with not only yourself, but with the larger body that you are all part of. I invite you to remember that this is springtime, and that probably for the first time in many years, you will have an excellent opportunity to fully be in sync with the world around you, because this virus forces you to stop all distractions and non-essential activities.

And I am in no way minimizing the fact that many of you will experience deep sorrow in weeks to come, and experience anguish over the future, perhaps fearing for your life or that of loved ones, perhaps even having to mourn someone who has left this world behind. That will happen. But it will only be in vain and pointless if you allow it to be just that: a defeat for humanity.

I invite you to see it as an opportunity for spring. An opportunity for rebirth. An opportunity for your oppressed soul path to come to the surface again. An opportunity to make this a viral infection of a different kind. Let us work together and infect the world with hope for a new beginning and a better future.

And so I offer you my energy to add to your own. I offer you the magic that can transform fear and suffering into optimism. I offer you change. I hope you will join me.

Will you join? As part of the ritual I will be offering further moon-wisdom every day. I hope it may help you get through these difficult times while being able to breathe a bit more easily…

Also, make sure to take good care of yourself.

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