About this blog

What is the forest but a song?

A song that we can all hear if only we bother to listen to it. A song consisting of a wave of colours, an ocean of sound. Multiple lifetimes worth of experiences.

That song is what this blog is about.

What do you see when you walk among the trees? Do you simply see nice scenery, or do you see something more? With this blog, I intend to take you on a walk of a different kind, a walk into the fairy-tale forest, where every tree you encounter has something to teach you.

What you will discover along the way is that trees are far wiser beings than you could ever imagine (or at least, that is my impression of them: I keep having to go back for more, because I can never seem to get enough of them!)

My path in ‘real’ life is that of a Druid. When I joined OBOD (the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) in 2014, that was the beginning of a journey that would prove to be profoundly transformational. The lessons I have learned along that path, and which I am still learning everyday, is what I hope to share with you here. I am not claiming to have the answers to life’s questions, but then maybe the answer is that all is relative, that an answer that served you well in the past may prove to be completely utterly wrong the next time you are faced with the same question. 

So, instead of finding answers, let us learn to wander along the path of life, and trust that, if we dare to listen, it will teach us those things we need to know when the time is right. And so my blog will not be about facts, but about exploring ways to listen, to be, to be part of rather than to be apart…

Will you walk with me?