Lessons from the trees

Below you will find, for each tree, a short overview of the lessons it has to teach us, and links to the related rituals that have appeared on the blog.

2016-03-29 11.02.41 Birch – Beith

Remember to live. To see the wonders of life all around you. For, how else are you going to be open to the gifts life has in store for you? New beginnings only happen if you open the door for them. Never stop dreaming. It is, and always will be, the first step on the path.

Turning to birch for inspiration 

2016-03-29 11.04.56 Ash – Nuinn

Life does not exist in isolation. Be aware of your connection to the web. Who are you? The gift you have been given at birth is your own unique adventure. Don’t throw away that gift by being afraid of living. Dare to be authentically and unequivocally you. And in doing so, give back to the world what it has given you.

Who are you?

2016-08-19 15.22.48

Hazel – Coll

You have been here before. The journey did not start when you were born. You know more than you think. Dare to trust your inner compass. Listen to your intuition. And then you will find that the path reveals itself when the time is right.

Attuning to our inner wisdom

IMG_0420 Elder – Ruis

What preparations do you need to make to survive the difficult journeys that are an inevitable part of life? Allow me to guide you. Beware, though, that I do not suffer fools lightly, and will only assist those that are sincere in their questing.

Elder: Preparing for the Dark Times

2017-02-12 20.25.52 Fir/Pine – Ailm

Remember to allow yourself time to breathe. Sometimes being in the middle of a situation can make it impossible for us to see clearly. Taking a time-out is often better than making rash decisions. It allows us to see things from more perspectives than just our own. For as long as all we see reflected in the faces of others is a mirror image of our own thoughts, how will we ever be able to grow beyond the limitations of our selves?

Finding strength within our tears

Finding your way home

2016-05-03 20.38.57 Yew – Ioho

Do not be afraid to die. For agreeing to die is what makes it possible for you to live forever. For only by continually facing the darkness within, and submitting to its lessons, shall you find the transformation that you seek. The butterfly had to leave everything behind in order to learn how to fly.

world tree The World Tree

You are a part of the whole. Product of your ancestors, you will live on in those that come after you. Remember to live in harmony. To be fertile, by living your live in a way where you give back more than you were given. By loving. By creating beauty. By honoring your fellow beings. For 1+1 can be three, if we let love be the only rule that counts.

The world Tree and the Maypole: a Creation Myth

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