On this page I intend to collect some resources that I think can be of interest, like discussions about ritual and stuff about Ogham.

To get you started, here is…

2017-02-27 18.08.10Did you ever dream of making your own oracles? I created a mini-course giving you some suggestions on how to do just that.

Making your own Oracle Deck

Working with the Ogham

I am currently working on a project to create rituals (and/ or guided meditations) to help people connect to each of the trees in the Ogham (and then some), and the lessons they can teach us. This is very much work in progress, but on this page you find an overview of the bits of this that have appeared on the blog so far.


The wheel of the year

This pageĀ  contains an overview of posts and rituals related to each of the eight festivals that have appeared on this blog.


(A)-Sexuality and Paganism

One of my aims in writing this blog is to provided some information about asexuality, and how it influences my relationship with paganism. Below you find a list of posts I have published so far on this topic:

Daring to exist: Asexuality and Paganism

Thoughts on an inclusive Beltane

Struggling with the Goddess: in search of self