Catching our breath

As I was battling the Corona-virus myself this past month (supposedly the ‘mild’ version, but even then it has forced me to spend most of my day couch-bound for more than three weeks now, making it all but impossible to do any work at all that is more strenuous than watching television – so please take the precautions seriously: nobody is immune to this!), a herbalist friend suggested I might want to try drinking Mullein-leaf tea to help with the healing.

Mullein is a herb that is well-known to be an effective cure for chest-infections, and I have indeed found that tea to be helpful in my own struggle (but do remember to see a doctor if you are seriously ill !!). Now that I am beginning to get back to normal, I thought it would be interesting to have a conversation with this plant, to see what advice she might have for us in a time where all of humanity is struggling to breathe.

Click the link to the Anima Monday website for the reminder of this post, which was originally published there.


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